Thursday, November 27, 2014


Right Idea Right People is your premier Information Technology partner specializing in systems management, security and cost containment. Whether you operate a small business or are responsible for IT in a large corporation, we have solutions to meet your technology and business needs. From strategic sourcing to information security management to IT cost analysis and reduction, Right Idea Right People has you covered. 

Please take the time to look through our service offerings and if you decide you want IT to work for you, we are here to help. 

How Can We Help?


IT Maintenance and Support

Right Idea Right People's CompleteCare Solution provides 24x7 maintenance and support for your organization's servers, workstations, communications network and users. Our system monitors the critical services required to keep your business running and your customers happy. 

To learn more about how RIRP can help your organization click here or contact us for a free assessment.


IT Security Management and Penetration Testing 

In today’s world, most people handle their business electronically. Financials, healthcare, personal employee records, and other vital information are stored on computers. If the security protecting this information is compromised, the entire business can fail.

There’s no way around it, information is the most essential resource for all businesses in today’s market, and it’s also the key to growth and sustained success. It is extremely important to ensure that your IT systems are as secure as they can be. If you experience a security breach, the initial fallout may seem minimal, but over time, this breach could prove to be disastrous.

Right Idea Right People's team of certified Information Security experts can help your organization understand its security vulnerabilities and mitigate any risks to its data and integrity.

To learn more about our Security Management programs and Penetration Testing, click here or contact us to schedule a free external IT security assessment.


Certified Professionals

Every member of our team holds industry leading, top-tier technical certifications in the areas of server and communications management and information security and auditing. We believe in delivering the best possible solutions and support to our clients and demonstrated knowledge of current technologies is an absolutely critical component of that belief. 

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Enterprise Email on a Budget?

Enterprise email features don't need to cost your company tens of thousands of dollars and getting more power out of your communications system is easier than you think! Right Idea Right People are Microsoft Office 365 experts, click below to see how we can help transform the way your communicates and collaborates.